Memento Mori

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Throw out all your spiritual books. They’re garbage.

Unsubscribe from all your gurus. They’re sleepwalkers.

This is the only thing you need to know:

Memento Mori – Remember, you must die.

Or literally, remember death.

Contemplate this for a while.
Like 8 times a day. Every day.

When you find yourself distracted
from living… remember, you must die.

Society, entertainment, facebook…
it’s all a distraction.

It keeps us from contemplating
the one thing we should contemplate.


Most people live their lives avoiding
taking a look at their impermanence.

Why is that?

Because the human mind is designed
to create it’s own reality, tightly wound
with itself cozily at the center.

And it covers up it’s tracks – so well, in
fact, that it will fight dirty to keep itself
from discovering that it doesn’t exist.

Perceiver. Perception. Perceived.
It’s all the same. And it’s all made up.

And it’s all going to end.
You’re alive now.

So enjoy the hell out of it.
Enjoy every moment of the dream.

Or better yet, wake up.
Live lucid in the dream.

But enjoy living either way.
Because if you’re not…

You’re doing it wrong.
And only YOU can do it right.
No books or gurus can change that for you.

The one thing – the only thing, that
will reveal it all, and wake you up…

The only thing that will fill your life with
agape – universal love and acceptance…

is memento mori.

So do yourself a favor and
remember, you must die.

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